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Banks and Lenders Adjusting Business Models; Radian President to Retire; Upcoming Events

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Boss: “Working hard here, Jimmy?” Jimmy: “Yep, ever since I heard you coming down the stairs!” Mortgage banks are working hard, but banks and other financial institutions have the inside track when it comes to offering other products – more a few paragraphs down. While we’re talking about working, here’s a column from the Sunday New York Times’ Adam Bryant on how to hire the right person from his interviews with CEOs. Changing business models for financial institutions There is no law barring financial institutions from branching out into offering other services, and in fact many use this tool as a way to expand and recruit . SoFi, for example, notes that nearly 30% of its clients take advantage of other product the finance company offers. Lenders such as California…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily

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