The Smart Team of NOVA® Home Loans

Credit Builder Card

We’re excited to announce the new Credit Builder Card that allows Nova Home Loans’ clients to quickly boost their credit rating & credit score.

What It Is:

Credit Builder Card is a secured credit card program that makes it easy for Nova clients to fund & open a secured card.  The card quickly reports to all 3 credit bureaus and helps clients build their score.

How It Works:

Nova clients can enroll through an easy, online enrollment process.  Clients can choose from several options to accumulate the $200 to fully fund the account and apply for the card.  The card is generally received in 2-3 weeks.

Fast Reporting:

The card has a $29 annual fee and this amount reports as an on-time payment to all 3 credit repositories within a week; even before they receive the card in the mail.  This has started building credit immediately.  Weekly reporting means no more 30-day waiting for balance updates.

Easy Approval:

Clients are approved for the card as long as their identity can be verified and they don’t have any active bankruptcy proceedings in the courts.

Spanish Program:

A Spanish language version of the program is available to ensure the credit card is accessible.

I have attached a flyer on the Credit Builder Card but feel free to call me directly at 520-245-8830 with any questions.  When experience counts, think SMART, think Nova Home Loans!

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