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Fannie/Freddie Legal News Not Helping Stockholders; Training and Events

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Are you lending in areas where LOs are receiving more calls from recruiters than they are from real estate agents? Let’s hope not. But here’s something else that’s going on: a blockchain project for syndicated loans is in the works . The R3 consortium of major financial institutions plans to unveil a blockchain-based ledger for syndicated loans in March. Transactions in this $4.5 trillion industry are still largely conducted by fax and the new system promises dramatic improvements in settlement times and efficiency. For better or worse, Fannie & Freddie can’t stay out of the news. If my daughter lived with me, and through her job she paid me, oh, let’s say $1 billion a month, would I be in a hurry to have her move out? Maybe not. Freddie Mac sent a $4.5 billion dividend…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily

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