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HUD Settlement in CA; Webinars on Reverse Mortgages, Digital Mortgages, Etc.

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Do you think your small competitor is going to be around at the end of 2017? Perhaps. But I am reminded of some Deloitte research from late 2015 that finds only 12% of Fortune 500 companies around in 1955 are still in business! Inc. reports 25% of new businesses don’t make it past the first year and 50% fail within 5 years. Taking a look at start-ups, Russia just set up its equivalent of Freddie and Fannie , and, although not a start-up, Impac Mortgage Holdings sold $56 million of its common stock as part of a plan to securitize non-qualified mortgage loans. Legal and government news The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced an agreement with a group of California mortgage lenders to resolve allegations they discriminated against a mortgage applicant based on his…(read more)

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