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Lender Changes to Fees and Price Caps; How is Agency Risk-Based Pricing Set?

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In response to a note I had Friday about Domino’s Pizza being required to post all 34 million calorie combinations of its pizzas, ThomsonReuters’ Michael Ehrlich sent along Domino’s Nutrition Guide . And you think your pricing matrix is intricate! Just as complex is the U.S. budget. Even with Congress heading off on a two-week break, it is nice to hear that no one is talking about, or threatening, a government shutdown come April 28th. Do regulatory hurdles add to the cost of loans, and therefore increase the cost to borrowers? Sure they do. Let’s see what various investors and lenders are doing about fees, expenses, and cost allocation. A recent Pacific Union bulletin issued a reminder that the Real Estate Commission paid to Realtors engaged on the Buyer(s) side of the transaction…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily

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