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MBS Day Ahead: NFP or Syria. Or Neither

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Cue the "all eyes" headlines that seem to pop up on NFP day, a la "All Eyes on NFP." Well, this certainly used to be true. It will probably be true again in the future, at a times when there's more uncertainty about shifts in the labor market outlook. Right now, however, we're well aware that the labor market has been chugging along at a decent clip for much longer than normal (a fact that might mean more if it weren't partially due to the Great Recession creating excessive slack for labor markets to take up). The strong, stable performance means that NFP isn't be all end all market mover that it can be (and frequently has been in the past). We know we're looking for other news and events to act as the source of inspiration for the next big dose of momentum…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily

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