Reverse Mortgage Process

At NOVA Home Loans, our dedicated reverse mortgage specialists will take confusion out of the process.  We’ll make sure that you are informed about the benefits and drawbacks to a reverse mortgage for your particular situation.  We promise to guide you through every step of the process should you decide that a reverse mortgage is right for you. 

The first step is an absolutely no cost, no obligation consultation with one of your reverse mortgage specialists.  We’ll show you the options available, provide educational materials, and answer any questions that you may have.  You are welcome to invite any family members or trusted advisers who assist you with your choices.  The rest of the process depends upon your decision to continue or to wait.  We’ll outline the steps and guide you along the way and make sure that you are comfortable.  Our reverse mortgage specialists are here to help you, not pressure you into making decisions.

For Detailed information, please visit the National Counseling on Aging’s “Use Your Home to Stay at Home” pamphlet by clicking the picture below.

NCOA cover picture