The Smart Team of NOVA® Home Loans

Special Tax Savings Program

One of the benefits to being in the mortgage business for over 30 years is that I can introduce programs that many in real estate either don’t know about or have forgotten.  One of these gems is the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program.

What is a Mortgage Credit Certificate?

Simply put, it’s a tax savings program that allows a home-buyer to take a dollar-for-dollar reduction on 40% of the mortgage interest paid (max $2,000 per year).  You get to take this reduction each and every year for the life of the loan.  The savings of the MCC allow me to increase a buyer’s qualifying power as well.  If you save $150/mo with the MCC, you’ll qualify for another $150 per month on your home mortgage!

How do I know if I qualify?

Call today to learn about sales prices, income, and prior ownership restrictions at 520-495-7237.

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