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Training in Sales, Reverse, HMDA, Cust. Satisfaction; Appraisal News – Illinois vs. AMCs?

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How much do the CEOs of builders make? Turns out they make some decent gravy , certainly good news for them. In other good news, this time for WF, the FDIC and the Federal Reserve Board announced that Wells Fargo had adequately remediated the deficiencies in its 2015 resolution plan. As a result, Wells will no longer be subject to growth restrictions imposed last year. (“Resolution plans, required by the Dodd-Frank Act and commonly known as living wills, must describe the company’s strategy for rapid and orderly resolution under bankruptcy in the event of material financial distress or failure of the company.) Appraisal and collateral news Never easy being an appraiser. Recently there was a ” shortage ” of appraisers, and in many parts of the nation it would take weeks, if not months, for an…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily

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