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Underwriter Pay in 2016; Wells' FHA Price Move Will Move Market

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The English language is always changing. For example, when did “blackstone” become a verb, as in, “I was ‘blackstoned’ last week and will start collecting unemployment!”? Blockchain is another new word. Veronica Lange, head of innovation at UBS, said at a conference that despite the progress in blockchain technology, it will be a decade before the technology transforms financial services. Financial regulators can be expected to take a cautious approach to implementing blockchain technologies unless market disruptions force them to act swiftly, said consultant Jeff Stehm, a former Federal Reserve official. “Risk-averse regulators charged with making sure nothing goes wrong have understandable concerns about change and the unknown,” Stehm and lawyer Joe Oehmke…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily

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